Our story started in 1999 from the counter of a furniture workshop and while it is in its present form, it has incorporated art, craft and design into it. Our company has told its story, which started on this counter, in a whole that has taken its signature all over the world. Vanessa is a direct provider of a whole concept such as sofa sets, bed and dining rooms, hairdressers, coffee tables and TV units.
Vanessa, which embodies all the innovative ideas of a modern and dynamic team, has been able to synthesize the inspiration it receives from imagination with its sectoral knowledge. The brand, which considers responsibility for every detail needed by a house; today, it makes you feel its quality and design line in every living space it goes to. Vanessa successfully continues her process management with her global designers, holistic perspective and the confidence given by getting to know the industry.


It defines the vision of our company to be able to fully reflect its imagination in designs by prioritizing what is different. We turn the customer relationship management phenomenon that we have taken as a basis into a big event and carry out process management of this in each unit. Our company, which intends to continue its sectoral awareness with ideas and designs that support every step of the way, aims to make every host feel special when they are guests.


Among those who make up Vanessa's mission is to be involved in more than one focus dec Our company aims to be aware of its role towards colleagues, business partners, consumers and ultimately nature and society. Our company underlines that what it offers is not just a piece of furniture; It tells the consumer by offering a whole value. Customizing the concept of customizable luxury for anyone who wants to feel valued also defines our mission.